09 April, 2021


Dear runners,

There are only a few days left until Ecopark Marathon Event. We are pleased to welcome nearly 6000 runners and volunteers to Ecopark. The Organiser would like to send you the necessary information related to the event as follows:

1. The Event will take place in 02 days:

• 18.4.2021: RACE-KIT pick-up from 8:00 to 20:00
• 21.4.2021: RACE-DAY from 3:00 to 12:00
2. Event venue: Swan Lake Park – Ecopark (You can easily search for this address by using google map tool).

3. Event Schedule: Detailed on the attached poster.

4. Parking Instructions

• Race-kit pick-up day: Parking area is next to the Event stage area (see the pinned point on the attached poster).

• Race-day: There will be 4 parking areas for your choosing (see pinned points on the attached poster).

Parking No.1: At Spring Park – Near Palm Forest Apartment complex.

When you park there, you will be guided to EcoBus by The Organizer’s security team to move to the Event area.

Parking No.2: Reserved for motorbikes and bicycles parking (exclusively for those who bike from home to Eco ^^).

Parking No.3 and Parking No. 4: Car parking areas. To move to the Event stage area from parking lot P2, P3, P4, please using Jogging – the folk we often call ^_^


– In the Race-day, please be present and check in at the Event at least 60 minutes before the starting time of your distance. We need to move from the parking area -> the luggage area -> start together –> and then go racing.

If you are late, the Organizer blocks the road, then you may become a supporter, standing at the finish line and cheering for the other 5,999 runners, remember this.

Please be noted that the Event stage area, luggage area are far about 300m from the start/finish lines by Swan Jogging. After the warm-up at the Event stage, please follow the instructions of the EPM’s team to move along the lakeside road to the start line. On this very chill road, music and light will be arranged to support the spirit of the runners before racing. The music can be great, and the lakeside scenery is beautiful. We remind you to strongly walk straight to the start line for the racing, please do not stop and sit to enjoy music or watching swans, that lead to call from Organizer, it is very tired.

– The Organizer recommends that all runners need to wear masks when attending the Event, to ensure the health and safety of themselves and the other runners.

Please see the Event schedule for more information! The organizer is very eager to welcome you. From EPM with love. Sincerely thank you.

Email: info@ecoparkmarathon.com

Website: ecoparkmarathon.com

Hotline: 098 334 21 95